Winter fairy tale in Mozirski gaj is unique experience in our surroundings. Its imaginative light creations awakens joy and childlike enthusiasm in people, so the organizers are happy to share it with you this winter.

While exploring the new fairy tale, you will meet butterflies and flowers that will remind you that spring is coming. There are also quiet corners where you can indulge in meditation. By the Svea tower you will discover the symbols of winter and see the wicker products created by the father of Mozirski gaj, Jože Skornšek. In the Alley of lanterns you will notice stories from everyday life, and in the Enchanted Village you will be able to observe beautiful fairies in their houses.

Visit the Winter fairy tale in Mozirski Gaj and fly on the wings of imagination, decorated with snowflakes, white winter crystals and magic of winter. The fairy tale will dress you in a wonderfully warm color of 1.6 million magic lights.

Mozirski gaj is in January and February open all Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays between 16.30. and 20.00. The last entry is possible at 19:30.

For more information visit the website, to avoid queuing for tickets, you can also buy them online.